It’s time you went from invisible (best kept secret in your industry) to the authority (go to expert in your niche).

You’re really fricking ready to monetize your expertise:

    • 1:1 service (package/sessions) or
    • Attract more 1:1 private pay clients (for therapists) or
    • Group program or
    • Digital course or
    • In person workshop

But you need a plan, a business, visibility, and money strategy that aligns with your personality, and the expert guidance and support so you can execute consistently.

If this is you …….then welcome…you’ve come to the right place


93% of digital experiences begin with an online search. You cannot afford to miss being visible.

There are 2.46 billion active users on social media. 70% are active each day and they are your clients.


90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business. They get the business you are missing.

From Invisible to Authority Mentorship is a program designed to take you step-by-step to getting you seen as “the go to expert in your field”  by your ideal clients.

Be seen as the authority. Introduces and guides you through the process of becoming visible, creating an audience that wants to buy from you because they know you have the solution to their problem. 

 More visibility = More leads and customers. Teaches you how to implement the solid foundation your business needs to expand it’s reach, cement itself as an industry leader and drastically increase your income. 

 Consistency through visibility. Allows you to experience the financial freedom you desire and have been working so hard for instead of having to struggle and hustle every month to avoid feast and famine in your business.


You’ve sacrificed so much. Your family time, enjoying life and even your health.

Your knowledge, experience and skills are worth a fortune. Yet you’re still making just enough or just a little over that.

While others with less expertise are making bank, being recognized, traveling the world, speaking in big stages only because they’ve made themselves visible.

You’ve earned the right. It’s time for you to serve your clients at a higher level while at the same time have the freedom to choose the kind of lifestyle you want to live.

In “From Invisible to Authority Mentorship” you’ll receive the mindset, energy and business strategy support to help you…


Transform your confidence and move through self-doubt, move through imposter syndrome, take action instead of giving into procrastination and overthinking and stop hiding and shrinking. Instead you’ll increase your visibility and start showing up as the expert you are.


Learn to craft a compelling message that aligns with your purpose, personality, dreams and desires and calls in clients you actually want to work with.


Create and structure content that engages your audience and positions you as the Go-To authority in your field.


Master how to show up and structure your video and live streaming content to showcase your expertise and convert your audience into customers.


Learn the must-know basics of writing engaging, digestible blogs and articles that start getting you published and ranked highly on search engines (SEO).

This is for you! Whether you’re a woman in business, a service professional, therapist, coach or consultant who is ready to massively increase her visibility and share her message with a larger audience through VIDEO, WRITING and SPEAKING.

The process of showing up as the EXPERT and attracting  clients fluidly using social media and creating relationships can seem confusing and uncomfortable.

It just doesn’t come naturally to you.

It’s overwhelming, cumbersome, and even at some level it intimidates you.

Self-promotion, doing video, speaking, being interviewed, pitching your work and offering your products/services publicly feels completely out of your comfort zone.

You find doing video and live-streaming especially uncomfortable.

You might have even pushed through the fear and anxious feelings and braved it out by doing some lives and some video. But  you’re frustrated because you have not been getting the results you expected.

There’s just something that’s missing.

You don’t know how to bridge the gap from what you’re doing now to showing up as the amazing expert you are.

And you’re stumped and clueless when it comes to monetizing that visibility in a way that doesn’t feel sales-y and sleazy.

You look at your social media news feed and you instantly compare yourself with others that are consistently showing up and growing their audience. And you say to yourself, “I want that! I’m an expert with a message. I need to get out there.” “But…”

All this comparison triggers you to fall into a rabbit hole of doubt and overthinking. You fall into procrastinating the very actions that would make you seen by your ideal clients and create success in your business.

No one taught you how to establish your expertise without sounding full of yourself.

Opening yourself and sharing your expertise with your clients and peers on a 1-to-1 or even speaking in a small group scenario is what you are used to doing.

You can get results for your clients!

You rock at what you do and you know it. But being in the spotlight is not something you’re used to. The thought, the idea of promoting yourself feels inauthentic, uncomfortable, and even awkward.

You were taught to be humble and not boast about yourself and your accomplishments. But that’s a key part of self promotion because your clients need to know you’re a true expert. 

A few branding pics here and there are ok. But consistently having to show up and become visible, especially in social media platforms, feels excruciatingly overwhelming, intrusive and exhausting. 

Is this you when it’s time to put yourself on social media?

Will they think I’m boring? What am I going to talk about?

What will my friends, family and ex-coworkers think of me being on video? Will they laugh, get angry or think I’m crazy?

I want to do more live streams but how do I handle the butterflies and jitters? What if I start doing a live and no one shows up? What if someone asks a question and I don’t know the answer? What if I go blank and lose my train of thought?

I know I have to be visible in social media, but how much is too much? And, which platforms should I focus on? YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc?

Do you mean I have to promote my self? But doesn’t that sound sleezy and salesy?

With so many questions and unknowns, are you hiding in plain sight?

As an expert, you have experience, smarts and qualifications. You have more than earned the right to call yourself a top expert.

And no that’s not the same as being vain or full of yourself. Being visible is actually your responsibility. You hold the solution to your ideal clients problem and you serve them by speaking up and letting them know. If you don’t others without your level of expertise will and that’s who your clients see and buy from.

Knowing all this, why in the world are you still avoiding becoming visible? Or you might be dipping your toes in it by  by slaving away without a plan or measurable results. Let’s be real here. We all know, social media is here to stay. If you want be the leader in your industry or even remain competitive you must create and share content in social media.

I know how this feels because I’ve been right there where you are.

Working 1-to-1 or with small groups was manageable for me, but when it came to increasing my visibility by doing video, writing articles and networking I was like a deer caught in the headlights. The “guru’s” strategy left me paralyzed with overwhelm and confusion. Promoting myself was hard, so I hid and lacked consistency. Content creation, practicing and recording were eating into all of my available time. I was terrified of recording live and my mind going blank.

But, I had two choices: quit and stump the growth of my business (while watching others with less experience pass my by) or I could acknowledge that I needed help, seek support and find a better way, a simpler system to get this done.

You Can Shift Things Around

By now you must know I don’t feel quite like that anymore because I built a 6 + figure international coaching business by doing video and live stream!

I know this is also possible for you.
Your can work on this. It can happen. You can feel comfortable in your own skin, comfortable talking, being seem and heard by your audience and why not the rest of the world.
It can get easier. So much of the worry, stress, and anxiety you feel when you think about taking your visibility and exposure to the next level is learned. Which is great news because it means you can release it and learn a new way.

Shift Things Around

Adamaris Mendoza is a psychotherapist with a business degree that has created an online international coaching/consulting business using the opportunities that social media provide. She is the founder of From Invisible To Authority, Monetize Your Zone of Genius and other successful businesses.

Adamaris focuses on helping service based business owners, coaches/consultants, digital course creators and designers create and grow their businesses by moving through “impostor syndrome”, using social media to create sales and crafting a clear message to audiences.

She has been featured in publications like The Oprah Magazine, Money Magazine, Insider, Thrive Global and more. She is a passionate advocate for people to turn their experience into a business using social media and understands how challenging and intimidating launching a business can feel.

I'm here to help you stop stressing with a system that works!

• After all you still have to run a business, work with clients, and have a personal life!

• You know it’s something you need to do to avoid getting stuck, trigger momentum and propel your business forward to increase your income but just thinking about it  triggers an incredible stress reaction that you can feel crushing your shoulders.

• But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Showing up as an expert and increasing your visibility using video, live stream, blogging and speaking to leverage social media platforms to your advantage can be easier than you think.

• It’s time to stop watching from the sidelines how so many that lack your expertise shine and create the life you desire while you seat hiding in the sidelines.

• You’ve got what it takes. No more hiding! It’s time to be seen, heard and paid. 

From Invisible To Authority Mentorship

Program Includes

 Initial 90 Minute deep dive to uncover blocks in SELF PROMOTION, SOCIAL MEDIA VISIBILITY and CONTENT CREATION strategy call (A $500 Value)– You’ll receive insights, tips and a starting plan according to your purpose, personality, lifestyle, industry, and ideal client. We’re digging deep to uncover and release VISIBILITY and SELF PROMOTION blocks.

✔ Five 60 Minute 1:1 Strategy Calls

Q&A Strategy and Visibility Calls Every Two Weeks

You’ll have access to ask your question and receive live support and strategy.

Weekly live Masterclasses covering key topics in business, mindset and energy.

Access to the Vault

Inside the program portal you will have access to tons of resources that you can use at your own pace. If you want to go fast and furious you can. But if you feel you need more time and space then you’re totally ok. We’ve got you.

The content will be divided into three sections so you can quickly dive into what you need.

○ MONEY AND SELF CONFIDENCE MINDSET – Abundance of resources to specifically target confidence, connecting to your intuition so you can make decision quicker and in a way that aligns with your dreams and goals instead of constantly self sabotaging, impostor syndrome, relationships, money, wealth creation and more.

BUSINESS – What you need to create and execute a business strategy to help you become the authority in your field. (How to do video and live stream, create content that attracts your ideal client, learn about SEO to get found when your audience is searching the internet, what platform to choose when creating a website, and much more)

ENERGY – Managing your personal life and business career is not as simple as many people want to portray. I’m all about being real and authentic. It requires skills that need to be learned, like knowing how to manage your energy in a way that serves you, to avoid being stressed out and overwhelmed. 

The Accountability You Need to Stop Procrastinating

Tons more resources included in my video lessons vault with close to 100 videos with amazing and practical tips from creating an amazing vision board that works to how to uncover and release blocks to manifesting what you want to how to get crystal clear clarity and pinpoint your zone of genius.

This is just an example (a really small peek) of the content you’ll experience:

Down to Basics – Solid Foundations for a Successful Business You Love – Business Idea Qualifier Workbook

If you need clarity on your business idea this resource is for you. You will be taken through a series of simple exercises that will help you narrow down your business idea.

Craft a Clear Message That Get’s You Seen, Heard, Understood and Paid By Your Ideal Clients

Masterclass and easy to follow workbook helping you craft your message.

Quick and Simple Introduction to Branding Yourself and Your Business

You want to supercharge your visibility but what do your clients see and feel when they connect with you? Is what they find attracting them or repelling them?

Five Myths Keeping You from Making the Money You Want Now:

Most of your struggles, set backs, blocks, lack of money, and more are caused by the lies society has told you and you subconsciously believed without even knowing! But I have great news for you. You can release this programming and generate the money you desire and deserve faster than you ever thought before!

Where to Start?

Join the From Invisible to Authority Mentorship

I will guide you through the process of creating your individualized business visibility strategy, help you transform your mindset and create accountability so that you feel supported as you become the authority in your field. 

Payment option 1. $597 for four months (Total of $2388 for the 4 Month Program)

Payment option 2. $2288 for one payment. ( A savings of $100).

Self Promotion that you can be comfortable with.

Get clients without the “Salesy” and “Icky” Feeling

We will walk you through the process of promoting yourself in a way that feels truly authentic to who you are. No longer will you tend to automatically shrink and hide in the face of exposure opportunities. 

You will recieve specific self promotion tips and strategies so you can nurture your audience and take them on the customer journey you know they need to take before they’re ready to invest in your product or service.

You know you’re serving them authentically and they know you actually care about their outcome. This process creates a natural bond between you and your clients that feels comfortable instead of pushy and salesy. 

Content Creation Made Simple

But what should I talk about? I’ve had so many experts ask me this question. If that’s where you get stuck then this program is definitely for you. Once you know your core message you’ll get crystal clear about the content you need to create and share.

This process will make you hyper-focused on what your clients need to hear instead of just throwing spaghetti at the walls and hope something sticks. 

You’ll also learn to adapt your expertise to various social media platforms so you’ll be able to repurpose and share your content so you never feel like you’re running out of content ideas.

Master The Art of Identifying And Targeting Your Audience

In order to create an audience of raving fans you must intimately know your audience so you can give them what they want instead of what you think they need.

When you don’t know who you’re trying to communicate with your message is watered down and not specific enough, goes over your ideal clients’ head because it’s full of complicated jargon or or down right ignored because it’s not relevant.

But when you show up authentically (we’ll show you how) and start having natural and spontaneous conversations with your audience you’ll have an incredible insight into their minds, their desires, their pain, and their dreams.

That’s priceless information that you need in order to target and attract the right audience. Full of potential clients who need what you offer and are willing and able to invest in your solution.

The ROI (Return On Investment)

So what’s the point of all this business transformational work we’ll be doing? 

You’ll be seen and an authority in your field. Your opportunities to collaborate with other experts and influencers by being invited to speak on stages, interviewed on podcasts, and asked to guest blog increase dramatically and exponentially. 

You’ll be creating the foundation you need to bee seen and featured by bigger media outlets like TV, radio, magazines and newspapers.

The increased exposure will help you gain new email subscribers. This is important because even though we all know that social media is a great way to gain notoriety and followers, we don’t own that space. You do own your email list.

The word of mouth referrals you received until now have helped you create the business you have. But, by taking your expert status to a whole other level, people will start sharing your content and referring you before they even start working with you (that happens to me all the time).

Amplified visibility means the opportunity to reach people all over the world! Your client list will grow, your business will expand and your income will increase. You’re finally creating a structure for financial freedom.


Be seen as the authority


Increase email subscribers


Better quality word of mouth referrals


Increased exposure around the world


Amplified visibility = financial freedom

Who is this program for? The expert that is ready to deliver quality content and get paid
• You’re an expert in your field. You have the knowledge, skills and experience to get your clients the results they want with your product or service.

• You’re ready NOW to take a step into massive visibility, become the go to expert to an audience of your ideal potential clients and take your business exposure and growth to another level.

• You’ve been told that being featured in the media, become a speaker on stages, and a published author are the top ways of establishing yourself as an authority.

• But you also know that even though all those methods are great legitimate ways of cementing your expert status they also require huge investments in money and time. And, even with those things in place, you still have to create an audience and direct them to your platforms. 

• You’re done with all the cookie cutter digital courses that promise you the moon and the stars and never deliver. You’re not about trying to get your important doubts and questions answered in a crowded Facebook group or with luck earn a turn in a Q&A call.

The plan.

You want a 1, 2, 3 strategy plan you can follow and that aligns with your personality and business goals.

You know getting things done is so much easier when you have a space created by an expert where you feel supported and guided. You’re done trying to figure it out on your own. 

You’re business might have grown till now with referrals and some marketing strategy but you know that in 2019 and beyond it’s all about creating and nurturing an audience of potential ideal clients.

You want an audience of people who want to hear what you have to say, need the solution you provide and are willing and able to buy the products and services your business sells.

Join the From Invisible to Authority Mentorship

I will guide you through the process of creating your individualized business visibility strategy, help you transform your mindset and create accountability so that you feel supported as you become the authority in your field. 

Payment option 1. $597 for four months (Total of $2388 for the 4 Month Program)

Payment option 2. $2288 for one payment. ( A savings of $100).

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