Release what's been holding you back from fully showing up in your business and life



October 3-6, 2019


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2019 is the year of visibility!

You were created to be the AUTHORITY in your life. Not an afterthought.

Being seen is the key to generating unprecedented income in your business, creating an impact that leaves a legacy and feeling fulfilled in your professional and personal relationships.

It’s time for you to REALLY be seen and heard while you create the life and business experience you’ve been dreaming about for years now.

Teach others how to treat you and set clear boundaries to protect your energy.

Visibility, growth, money and impact!

It’s all possible without having to give up your identity and conforming to what others want you to be.

You can experience the ease and comfort of showing up as yourself without having to wear a mask or play according to someone else’s rules.

Not being you takes a whole lot of your energy and leads to exhaustion, overwhelm and eventually even illness.

The key is to be able to uncover and release the crappy outdated beliefs (programming) that trigger impostor syndrome or your inner critic and gets in the way of creating the reality you want.

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel.

You’re done working really hard, getting super excited, planning and strategizing and when you think you’ve got it…that everything has changed…’ve turned the corner…..Boom! it’s like someone dropped a bucket of ice over you.

You’re back at the place where you feel inadequate, unprepared, inexperienced and unable to take the leap!!!

Or you actually jump, take the risk and then feel like stalling or walking yourself back because you start feeling overwhelmed.

It’s time to RISE and EMBODY the POWERFUL KICK ASS soul you know you really are but have kept hidden!

If you’re here in this world you were created to serve and fulfill a purpose…

But that does not mean you have to play a small, stay stuck in constant struggle and hustle while others make bank with less experience than you.

This is the moment where you draw a line in the sand (we’ll be at the beach so you can actually do this), make a real decision to transform the way you show up before 2020 rolls around and you find yourself in the same spot as today!!!!!

The Invisible No More Retreat is for you if:

✔ You’re in business.

✔ You’re ready to master your inner critic and move through impostor syndrome to supercharge your visibility to go up to the next level of expansion.

✔ You’re ready to uncover and release blocks (subconscious programming) that are keeping your income growth from breaking that invisible glass ceiling.

✔ You’re ready to command respect in your personal and business relationships by setting boundaries and teaching people how to treat you with the respect you deserve.

✔ You’re ready to create and implement business strategy that aligns (instead of sabotages) with who you are, the lifestyle you dream off and the impact you want to create.

✔ You’re ready to be present, supported and led.

✔ You’re absolutely ready for a beach getaway with a side of tropical rainforest and adventure!!!

Command respect by leading with the power and confidence from within.

Heal from past experiences that keep you stuck reliving the same patterns over and over again.

Understand yourself at a higher and deeper level.

Uncover the blocks that trigger you to constantly sabotage your efforts.

Shift into managing your energy and not your time and avoid feeling overwhelmed and depleted all the time.


Reconnect with your intuitive self to help you in making decisions that are aligned with your dreams and purpose.

 Finally live an abundant life where you manifest what you desire.

Break through your income upper income limit.

Clear your outdated money beliefs.

Release the relationship drama (family, friends or partner)


Free yourself from what’s holding you back from generating money.

 Remove the barriers you’ve placed in front of your dreams.

Attract the money and resources you need to expand your business in a way that flows.

Stop losing money before you can actually enjoy it.

Learn how to rearrange the universe in your favor.

Whats Included:

  • 90 minute virtual intensive (via zoom conference) before the retreat to start creating breakthroughs before the retreat. Our discoveries will also be used to customize your experience in Puerto Rico.
  • All group workshops during the retreat.
  • The resort experience includes accommodations and is “all inclusive” (breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks).
  • Three professional photos of you at the beach!!!! You can use these images in your website, social media or anywhere else you want to.
  • Chose one tropical forest adventure: horseback riding or ATV riding.
  • 30 minute personal session during the retreat to privately release anything you don’t want to disclose in the group.
  • 60 minute session post retreat to follow up on the work and breakthroughs made while in Puerto Rico.


Get Ready For

A paradise location where you have instant access to a secluded beach, many pools to choose from, the tropical rainforest with it’s sounds and healing powers,

One day full of mindset, reconnecting with your intuition, energy and releasing the past and outdated programming keeping you from experiencing your most desired dreams in your life and business,

One day to work on all things visibility strategy. Let’s shift the hiding, shrinking and giving up power in our personal and professional relationships.

Leave with a 90 day plan with a concrete action plan of what to do next.

Daily Schedule

Click Each Day To See The Schedule

Thursday, October 3rd

You arrive to Puerto Rico!!!!

If you get here early, eat a delicious lunch at the beach and relax in the pool with a pina colada.

You can go for a swim at the beach or relax.

We’ll have a great dinner together while enjoying the beautiful sunset while listening to the waves.

During dinner get ready to meet the other participants and get ready to set your intentions for the retreat.

Friday, October 4th

You can start your day with yoga, a jog along the beach, a swim or simply relaxing.

Eat breakfast on your own or partner up.

We’ll start our workshop at 10:00 am. Get ready for massive uncovering, releasing and opening up to receive what you want.

Eat an amazing lunch.

Focus on mindset and energy when we start back up.

 We meet for a delicious dinner together and then some relaxation.

Then we’ll gather around the beach and perform a releasing practice so we can renew your energy.

Saturday, October 5th

You can start your day with yoga, a jog along the beach, a swim or simply relaxing.

Eat a good heart breakfast and get ready!

Now we do the deep dive and strategy.

We’ll start  workshop at 10:00 am. It’s all about the deep dive and strategy.

After breaking for lunch, we really show up and supercharge your visibility.

Together we’ll create a visibility business strategy that is in alignment with your personality, desires, dreams, business and the impact you want to create. No more self sabotaging your goals baby!!!!

All about action!

Then we’ll go over to the rain forest for adventure time!!!!

Dinner will be together, where we’ll state our intentions following the retreat (creates accountability)

Celebrate and share our wins, discoveries and breakthroughs.

Time to relax and maybe even do some karaoke (visibility remember, LOL).

Sunday, October 6th

Day four is departure.

We’ll have breakfast and then head to the airport.


Why Go To A Retreat?

There’s nothing like the in person experience. Retreats serve to accelerate results and create a sense of community that helps support you during your breakthrough and transformation.

And if you have the combined power of the water, sand and a tropical forest to assist you…well you’re pretty much guaranteed to leave Puerto Rico a completely different person.

Invisible No More
Puerto Rico
3 October-6 October, 2019


Single Room – $2,997 $2897 (Early Bird Pricing)
Double Room- $2,697 $2597 (Early Bird Pricing)
Triple Room- $2,397 $2297 (Early Bird Pricing)

Early Bird Special (Through 15 July, 2019 or first 3 People)

$100 discount
30 minute 1:1 in person session during the retreat

** Payment plans available with an up front deposit available upon request.

**These rates are valid for a limited time. If you know you want to come, make a deposit to lock in your spot and investment rate.

**These rates are all inclusive (your breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, adventure of choice, 3 professional pics mini session, transportation to and from the airport)

“I feel that every participant was heard and got what they needed”
“I attended the retreat because I knew that I would be safe and have the space I needed to create the next breakthrough in my life and business. I was not disappointed.”
“I just returned from the retreat and I’m already receiving messages from potential clients.”
“This locations is just breathtaking. I felt the transformation by just being present in this gorgeous and powerful environment”


Life & Business Strategist

Adamaris is an entrepreneur with a passionate mission to help support and guide women into discovering how powerful they really are and embody and embrace their true purpose.

She has helped thousands transform their lives as a psychotherapist and coach. 

Her programs are designed to catalyze the shifts women need to become a true authority as entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and more importantly, as powerful women who live happy and fulfilled lives.

Why Puerto Rico?


Ten years ago when Left Puerto Rico (my home) I was broke (in over $50,000 in debt), had no income coming in and no idea how to generate it since I was moving to a state where I had no license to practice psychotherapy in.

To make matters worse I was still recovering from a chronic illness and reuniting with my new husband who was returning from a war zone deployment to live together for the first time.

I wasn’t necessarily living the most amazing life then. I had no idea how things would play out. But I trusted God and knew that I could turn things around.

In June, I returned to Puerto Rico to host my first retreat as a successful entrepreneur, healthy and happily married for 10 years and mentor to other women. My life is a completely different story than what it was when I left.

I did not expect to host another retreat in the island. It was just going to be a one shot deal. But the experience for me and the participants was so overwhelmingly fantastic and fulfilling that I decided to do it again.

And we’re throwing the house out the window (it’s a Puerto Rican saying that means we’re pulling all the stops to make it an unforgettable experience).

It’s still my desire to bring a small group of women with me to the island so they can experience a transformation of their own in their life and business.

That’s why this retreat is very intimate and specially curated for the results each participant wants.

If you feel called and know you’ve had it and you’re ready for change, apply now before the price increases and all the spots are gone!

I can’t wait to hug you and support you through your life and business transformation!!!!

Get a Taste of What’s Waiting For You in Puerto Rico

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I responsible for my own airfare? Yes.

Which airport should I fly into? You will fly into Luiz Munoz Marin International Airport

How do I get there from the airport? We will pick you up on 3 October, 2019 and drop you off on 6 October, 2019.

What if I wanted to visit Puerto Rico on my own before or after the retreat? You are welcome to come to the retreat before 3 October, 2019 if you are making other arrangements while you visit Puerto Rico. You will be responsible for you own accommodations and transportation if you get there before 3 October, 2019 or stay after 6 October, 2019.

Do I need a passport if I am coming from the US? No. A passport is not required if traveling from the US to Puerto Rico.
Will there be free time each day? Yes. Free time will be part of each morning and evening if you want to do your own thing.

I have a special diet, can I be accommodated? Yes. Please connect with me so we can sort out the details.

Should I bring cash? During the first two days everything will be provided, but there are restaurants and other accommodations close by. US dollars are the currency in Puerto Rico.

Will my cell phone work? Most carriers operate fully in Puerto Rico with no additional charges, but you should always contact your service provider if you are unsure.


Adamaris Mendoza

Licensed Psychotherapist

Financial Therapist

Life & Business Strategy Coach

Energy and Mind-Body Expert


Adamaris went from stuck in her psychotherapy office to CEO of an international coaching/consulting business making 6+ figures in 12 months

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