Introduction to the Sexy Simple Love Podcast

Are you successful in business/career but feeling like you’re failing in love?

You are freaking ready to Thrive in your romantic relationship like you thrive in everything else you commit to.

You’re Single or been Divorced a while?

Or maybe your relationship has been rocky and you want to save or rebuild it before it’s too late.

This podcast is for you.

We all desire healthy vibrant relationships to live, love, and thrive, and as I often say; YOU DESERVE IT!

You deserve a committed, secure, intimate relationship…one with passion, affection, good communication, and trust.

But right now it doesn’t seem like it’s happening.

I’m your host Adamaris (Mary) Mendoza-Carlyle and I bring my psychotherapist and coaching experience to this podcast. I will teach, share tips, do’s and don’ts and interviews to help you navigate dating and create a relationship where you feel Loved, Seen, nurtured, desired, appreciated, and respected.

Ready to create your love story?  let’s get started!!

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Adamaris Mendoza

Financial Therapist
Life and Business Strategy Coach

Mary is an experienced life Mastery Coach, psychotherapist, financial Therapist, and Business Mentor with over 20 years of experience who has helped thousands of clients.

Her mission is demystifying, simplifying, and showing the real science behind the art of intentional and purposeful manifesting what you want in your life and business. And making the practice readily accessible and simple to follow for women of color, introverts, and empaths.

Whether you’re finally ready to invite wealth and experience financial freedom, grow a business that aligns with your purpose without the hustle and overwhelms or find and keep the love of your life while enjoying a thriving and fulfilling relationship Mary is the perfect expert to help, guide and support you!

Mary is the founder of “From Invisible to Authority”, “Simple Manifesting”, “Empowered for Expansion” and “Abundance Mind Reset”. Through her programs and 1:1 coaching services, she has guided and supported thousands of women (and some men… why not they deserve to live abundant lives too) increase their income streams, manifest and enjoy the lifestyle of their dreams and finally experience the relationships they deserve.

She is also a speaker, podcast host, and transformational leader is known for her down to earth, direct, focused supportive, and empathic support style.

Her passion is to help heart-centered, empathic experts and leaders who know they’re meant for a whole lot more impact, financial freedom, and dream lifestyle.

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