#29: Are You Holding Yourself Back From Embodying Your Power And Shining?


Have you been putting your big bold plans on hold?

Or maybe, you’re used to doing the opposite running with an idea and taking quick action but then sabotaging those actions?

You know that is time to go expand into the next level in your business and life but you can’t see to make it work. 

The world needs you! In this episode, we’re going really deep about what shining really means, why it is a great thing, why you sabotage and how to start allowing yourself to shine!


There has never been a more critical time to have a conversation about shining, being ok with your own power and stepping out there and being visible. 
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Adamaris Mendoza

Financial Therapist Life and Business Strategy Coach

Adamaris is a life and business strategist/coach and psychotherapist (which is key because success is 90% inner game and 10% strategy).

She helps service based professionals, digital course creators, group program hosts, designers and coaches/consultants go from hiding to shining so they can create a business that generates freedom money!

So they can lead and have the impact they want and generate the money to create the life they’ve always dreamed of.

In 2016, she decided to phase out her psychotherapy practice and launched a 100% online business. One of the biggest challenges she encountered was self promotion! Adamaris was not raised nor taught how to showcase her expertise in a way that felt good and resulted in sales.

After investing thousands and learning from the best, Adamaris crafted a unique strategy that she used to build a 6+ figure business in under 12 months. She now shares with you the blueprint that guides her and gets her clients the results they desperately want.

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