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When you’re not showing up consistently and in alignment with your goals, you’re also limiting your income potential.


If you’re ready to find out why you feel stuck or stagnant while you see that others seem to fly by you, then download this ebook I’ve created for experts just like you.

Everything changes when you know the truth.

Let’s get started…

Increased Visibility with the Right Strategy = Financial Freedom

Being PRESENT and VISIBLE is an unavoidable part of doing business SUCCESSFULLY in today’s world.

To create an audience and build authentic relationships with potential clients that want to buy from you, they have to know you exist. You MUST be SEEN BUT

✔ You FEEL LIKE a FRAUD when it comes time to SHOW UP and you SELF SABOTAGE.
✔ You’ve ALREADY TRIED putting yourself out there on social media with LESS THAN AMAZING RESULTS.
✔ You FEEL INCREDIBLY OVERWHELMED, and this causes you to be INCONSISTENT affecting the trust factor with your audience.
✔ You know this has to change now if you want to GENERATE MORE CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE INCOME and grow your business.

But you want to:

    • create and sell your digital course idea
    • scale your 1:1 practice
    • fill up your group program
    • be on stage representing as the expert that you are…

However, the thought of going to social media to market yourself makes your head spin, stomach churn and wonder what the hell you were thinking!

You’re ready….

To finally show up as THE authority in your field and generate a whole lot more money while making an impact.

YOU’VE POURED $$$, energy and time INTO becoming the expert you are…. but you see time and time again others with much less expertise making a whole lot more money, traveling the world and making an impact.

This is your time to make a move!

If not now when?

Adamaris Mendoza

Adamaris is the creator of “From Invisible to Authority”,”Monetize Your Zone of Genius” and the “Simple Manifesting” framework.

She went from stuck in her psychotherapy office to CEO of an international coaching/consulting business making 6+ figures in 12 months.


Hi, I am Adamaris.

I help service based professionals, digital course creators, group program hosts, designers and coaches/consultants go from from invisible to authority so they can create and grow businesses that generate the kind of money that finally allows them to experience real freedom!

I’m a life and business strategist/coach and psychotherapist (which is key because success is 90% inner game and 10% strategy).

You don’t need thousands of followers to get sales. My zone of genius is to help you position yourself as the go to expert in your industry so that you can create, grow and monetize an audience of any size while not feeling spammy and serving your clients at the highest level of integrity.


    • Feeling CONFIDENT in YOUR ABILITY to show up and communicate the value you offer without that ick factor of feeling spammy.
    • Knowing that by showing up and delivering the right content your potential clients are almost always a ready to say YES AND PAY before they even get on the call with you.
    • Being able to flow through your discovery calls feeling CONFIDENT and ASSERTIVE converting with ease knowing that what you’re offering is great for your potential client and your financial bottom line.
    • Seeing each OPPORTUNITY to BE SEEN as a gift because the fear of being criticized or judged no longer terrifies you into the self sabotaging by shrinking, hiding, procrastinating or even giving up.
    • Setting INCOME GOALS and actually ACHIEVING them because you know what to kind of content to share with your audience and boldly ask them to take action.
    • Realizing that this could be you!!!!
    • Not hiding from creating events or offering your services with no hesitation for the value and impact you deliver

    Let’s get started!

    You’ve invested thousands of dollars, worked countless hours, spilled your blood, sweat and tears to become the expert that you are.

    Why not get paid a whole lot more for that expertise instead of continuing to exchange time and effort for just enough money?

    It’s about time you claimed what’s rightfully yours instead of watching others with less experience make bank.

    This Is How I Can Help You

    Massively increase visibility and share your message with a larger audience through VIDEO, WRITING and SPEAKING.

    Receive the mindset, energy and business strategy support to help you.

    Transform your confidence and move through self-doubt.

    Learn to craft a compelling message that aligns with your purpose, personality, dreams and desires and calls in clients you actually want to work with.

    Create and structure content that engages your audience and positions you as the Go-To authority in your field.

    Master how to show up and structure your video and live streaming content to showcase your expertise and convert your audience into customers.

    Learn the must-know basics of writing engaging, digestible blogs and articles that start getting you published and ranked highly on search engines (SEO).

    Veronica Cruz

    Adamaris helped me tap into my inner strength and confidence, by helping me identify and dissolve some of the painful memories and beliefs that have been preventing me from propelling forward in life.

    She has provided me with the tools I need to work through my fears, resistance and any confusions that has been stopping me from being the best version of myself.

    -Veronica Cruz | Empowerment Coach

    Molly Sapp

    Adamaris is a JOY and BEYOND…bright, fast and ownd her beauty…anyone would be lucky to coach or work with her.”-Molly Sapp | Mindset Strategist

    Dr. Adamari Gomez

    My name is Adamari Gomez Im a doctor and coach and The program for me has been wonderful in the sense of sharpenning my message to the point of people contacting me for my message because they can relate to it.

    She gave me a simple strategy that makes sense and it’s something I just hadn’t thought before.

    -Dr. Adamari Gomez | Chiropractor and Health Coach

    Yamarie Grullon

    Crossing paths with Adamaris has been a blessing in my life! Before working with her, I didn’t even realize I had mindset blocks that created overwhelm and lack of clarity.

    Adamaris helped me dive deep and bust through the blocks that were holding me back. Ultimately, creating breakthroughs and life transforming shits.

    I now operate as the “REAL” me. From an authentic place with ease and flow.

    -Yamarie Grullon | Social Media Expert

    Kathy Loewenstern

    Adamaris is a heat sinking missile when it comes to identifying blocks, the sources of those blocks and importantly how to effectively eliminate them no matter how deep and insurmountable they seem. Her extensive clinical background combined with personal experience in busting self-imposed limitations shines through. She listends deeply and provides tools, insights and homework that is customized for your specific situation all while thinking ten steps ahead. There’s no fly by night, cookie cutter fluff. It’s not always easy but if you are commited and do the work, the results are magnificent.

    -Kathy Loewenstern | Online Marketing Strategist

    Nadine Crespo

    Adamaris is like a lifeboat in a sea of chaos. She helps you to calmly reassess what’s going on and gives you a different perspective. In her work she helps one to expand and unravel to get down to the core of the issue. She masterfully takes one from overwhelm to an empowered state. Her calm demeanor will make you fell like you’ve known her forever and before you know it, you’ll notice life flowing and you working in alignment.
    -Nadine Crespo | Performance and Success Coach

    Blanka Pauliukevicius

    Coaching with Adamaris allowed me to pick apart the reasons why I was lacking clarity in my niche and brand.

    In one day, I rebranded, finished drafting my program and launched it! Than you for keeping me focused, giving me ideas and holding the space for me to step into it!!

    -Blanka Pauliukevicius | Business Coach

    Angel Ericka

    My experience has been absolutely amazing. The content and the information that she gives us is valuable and it has brought a lot of clarity. It helped me to really look at my business and how I wanted to move forward with clarity and direction. The tools and the skills that you are learn are just amazing. I hope you consider any type of service that she is providing. She’s very authentic, very real and she want’s the best for you. She pushes you to really discover who you are.

    -Angel Ericka | Shaman

    Dr. Mercedes Livoti

    Adamaris has a gift for helping people find clarity and focus. Through her challenges and live feeds I have been able to break down the life I want into tangible goals and have started the path to manifesting them one step at a time. She is inspiring and supportive. She has given me tools to recognize my own resistance and to move through the road blocks to success. The road is still tough but I have the tools to acknowledge and move past my fears, to manage anxiety, and hope that it is all part of creating a new reality for myself. Her message has been a blessing at a time of great uncertainty for me, and I am forever grateful.

    -Mercedes Livoti | Doctor of Chiropractic

    Mahmooda Hotak Hashemi

    Adamaris is an awesome coach. Her knowledge of mindset and its work is so deep that she touches upon every aspect of the issue in a simple way and provides practical advice to become aware of patterns that are not serving you. By end of the program, I was able to give my coaching business a new jump-start, establish an ecommerce business, and simply enjoy myself and my relationships with others, especially my spouse and children. So, I would highly recommend anyone who is feeling stuck, confused, and dramatized by the outpour of coaching information out there to consult Adamaris or sign up for her programs … your future self will be grateful you did! Thank you Adamaris!

    – Mahmooda Hotak Hashemi | CHC Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach


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